How long does shipping take? How often do you load?

Shipping via ocean cargo from our warehouse in Los Angeles to your address in Metro Manila approximately takes 5 weeks. Air Shipping approximately takes 12 days. It takes longer for provincial deliveries. This is just an approximation. We do not guarantee deliver time since we can not control some factors that cause delay in deliveries. We ship out boxes from our warehouse at least once every week.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

We cannot accept the following items for shipping: Precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, watches, currency, firearms, ammunition, gun parts, gun accessories, toy guns, explosives, large car parts, drugs, perishables, pornographic materials, gambling paraphernalia, industrial carbons, combustible materials, hazardous materials. Liquids are also not accepted for Air Shipping. When in doubt, please contact us.

What can I ship?

Personal effects you can order online from Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Gap, etc. (e.g. Books, toys, household goods, personal effects, DVDs, school supplies, clothes, shoes, bags, vitamins, furniture, electronics, non-perishable food items). Contact us when in doubt. Large and odd-sized items may also be shipped but contact us first for special arrangement may be needed.

Do you offer consolidation services?
How long can you hold on to my packages before you ship it?

We offer FREE consolidation services if you want to order multiple items and pack it into a bigger box to maximize space and save on shipping costs. We will check the completeness and condition of your items while packing the items. Although we do a thorough check, we will not be liable to any quantity discrepancy, damage or defect that was not detected. We can store and hold your items for you up to 30 days. We recommend that you ship items a week before the 30-day storage limit so you can still complain with the stores/sellers if there are any problems with your items. When your items reach or surpass the allotted time limit, POBox will have the option to ship-out the items. Furthermore, POBox will not be liable for items that surpass the storage limit.

Will I be taxed for my shipment?

The charges we quote are inclusive of taxes and customs documentation. However, shippers should be responsible for settling additional fees and documentation if declaration is insufficient. There are also additional charges for electronics and items that are assessed by customs to be of commercial use. Examples of such are gadgets, equipment, machinery and all items with commercial quantity. Contact us if you have any questions.

Where can I have my box delivered?

We can ship to almost anywhere in the Philippines. We prefer to deliver to a residential address instead of a business address as deliveries are sometimes carried after office hours.

Are my packages insured?

All boxes are insured up to $100. This is only for lost, non-delivery and theft of boxes. This does not include pilferage or any loss of items in the boxes and other forms of damages. You can purchase additional insurance with a rate of $5 per $100 additional coverage.

How do I pay for shipping?

You have 2 options:

  1. Bank Deposit to our Peso Account (in BDO or Union Bank) or to our Dollar Account (in BDO).
  2. Pay online using your credit card or Paypal account.

We do not accept CODs. Payment must be made prior to the delivery of your box. Please inform us when payment has been made.

If your question was not answered by this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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